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The course on Personality Development

One of the determining factors in an individual’s overall success is their personality which not only ensures their professional goals are met, but also dictates how they view their life and behave in their daily interactions. To achieve the intended goals, individuals often engage in personality development endeavours which are processes designed to elevate and enhance their personality elements. Essentially, personality development is an incubation system where individuals work on themselves to nurture their talents, gain new skills and develop confidence for the delivery of their talents and skills.

This course is designed with multifold benefits that include, but are not limited to, increasing your chances of being recruited, becoming more visible at your workplace, enhancing your public presence, and becoming more impactful in interpersonal settings.

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Benefit of the course

• Improve your communication and presentation skills

• Build up your confidence level

• Develop positive and impactful body language

• Articulate your thoughts and communicate them confidently

• Face interviews confidently

• Enhance your impression and overall personality

Who can attend the program

Any graduate can apply to this course. Based on the academic background of the applicants and their level of proficiency, homogenous groups would be formed and training imparted.

Application Process

Interested person/s should send their filled application on the enclosed pro-forma (given at the end of the brochure) and mail at the following e-mail address: rajib.dhar@ms.iitr.ac.in. You can also fill out the form by visiting the apply now button.

Please note that details relating to payment of fee would be shared with the students individually who get selected for this programme. Remaining students may be considered for the upcoming subsequent batches.

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