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The course on Machine Learning for Finance

This programme is ideal for analysts, traders, brokers, consultants and other industry professionals who are seeking the adoption of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science in their work environments, and want to learn the essential skills to keep pace with these technological advances. This programme aims to demonstrate the applications of AI-based models in the finance domain. This includes the application of Python programming in solving real-life wealth management problems to improve investment decisions with AI. In this programme, you’ll build a solid practical foundation in the finance domain and learn how to deploy AI and machine learning-based models to solve a variety of problems in the finance domain, including wealth-management, algorithmic trading, investment banking, and more.

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Course Features

• Live online teaching by IIT Roorkee Professors

• Live and interactive learning experience

• Students will have access to a Learning Management System for referring to the content

• Emphasis on in-demand skills

• Post Graduate certificate from CEC IIT Roorkee

Eligibility criteria

No prior coding experience is required to successfully complete this programme. You should, however, have basic knowledge of mathematics. The course contains reading material and lectures on selected topics which bridge the gap between high school mathematics and the minimum level required to understand and use machine learning algorithms. Knowledge of basic linear algebra, calculus, and statistics will be helpful, and some experience with spreadsheets is recommended.

Application Process

Interested candidates can apply to his course online by clicking on apply now button. Based on the qualification and experience the application will be shortlisted and eligible candidates will be informed through the confirmation mail.